How Are Floor Carpeting Installation Costs Tabulated?


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Floor carpeting installation costs are typically tabulated by the amount of carpet per foot plus labor costs. Some installers include old carpet removal, while others add a fee for this service. Customers should ask exactly what is included in the price estimate.

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Prices vary based on the quality of carpet and the location. Labor rates in particular vary greatly based on the region. Higher-quality carpet, outdoor carpet, stair installations and custom installations all cost more. Additionally, if the customer's floors are full of tacks, uneven or otherwise damaged, this can also substantially bump up the labor cost. The contractor also calculates supply costs such as adhesives, padding and tools into the price.

Generally, carpet installation includes a preliminary visit to the home to measure the carpet area. The contractors inspect the site, take accurate measurements and determine if any special work needs to be done. At this time, the contractors can give the customer a more accurate price estimate.

Carpet installation also includes the delivery of the carpet and sometimes the removal of old carpet. A reputable contractor covers doorways and vents and minimizes the amount of dust created during installation. They also remove any trash and leave the carpet in new condition.

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