What Is a Floating Duck House?


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A floating duck house is a shelter on a pond or other body of water onto which ducks can climb. The houses are typically made of wood and foam, which keeps them afloat. These structures are anchored to keep them centrally located. Both domestic and migratory ducks can use a floating duck house as shelter from the sun, a place to nest and as protection from predators.

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Although ponds are not essential when raising ducks, water is necessary. Ducks need water deep enough for them to submerge their entire heads into the water. They use water to clean themselves and condition their plumage, and they often squirt water out of their nostrils while cleaning their bills. For larger ducks, having a pond is necessary for mating purposes and to fertilize eggs.

Ducks are common waterfowl found on farms and homesteads. They require less care than chickens and are less susceptible to disease. Ducks forage most of their own food, eating bugs and weeds. They reach butchering size before chickens and provide down for pillows and blankets. If kept for egg production, ducks can lay just as many eggs as chickens, and they taste similar. Ducks can live for up to 20 years.

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