What Are Flickering Flameless Candles?


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Flameless candles are electronic simulations which produce a realistic glow and authentic-seeming flicker, functioning as a safe replacement for real candles. The absence of an actual flame eliminates the inherent fire danger created by normal candles, the health hazard of indoor smoke build-up and the annoyance of messy wax drippings.

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Flameless candles are made with the same paraffin wax as their traditional counterparts, but don't droop, sag or lose their shape as time passes. They feature sophisticated LED lighting effects, usually with customizable brightness settings, to create a convincing candle-like flicker and can be set to ignite or extinguish via an included timer control. Many higher-end versions also offer remote control capability. Some flameless candles are scented, and certain outdoor models also include insect repellent functionality.

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