What Is a Flavorwave Oven?


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The Flavorwave oven is an appliance that uses halogen heat, infrared waves and convection cooking to heat either thawed or frozen food. Most fats and oils are removed while cooking, leading to the idea that the oven offers a healthy alternative for food preparation.

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The Flavorwave oven uses a unique three-way cooking process. Convection cooking circulates heat around food, ensuring even cooking. The infrared and halogen heat technology utilizes a bulb to penetrate the center of food, cooking it without burning or dying its outer layer. This three-way cooking process allows for quicker cooking times as well, with some reports stating that the oven heats food up to three times faster than conventional ovens.

The appliance does not require additional fats or oils for cooking, making it ideal for health-conscious consumers. The glass container accommodates over 8 pounds, and it is easy to clean and maintain. Current models of the oven feature a dual height-reversible cooking rack that allows the oven to accommodate different food sizes and saves up to 85 percent more energy than standard ovens. It is also smokeless and odorless, helping to avoid unpleasant fumes. It features a compact design that takes up less counter top space.

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