What Are Some Flat Stone Options for Walkways?

What Are Some Flat Stone Options for Walkways?

Flat stone options for walkways and driveways include irregular-shaped flagstone, cobblestone and granite pavers. Concrete pavers provide a less expensive alternative for walkways.

Natural stones for driveways are stones cut from a larger block and although some are cut in specific dimensions, many are not. The stone takes on different looks due to a variety of finishes applied to their surfaces, and there is almost an infinite combination of patterns and designs that complement any home.

Granite pavers range from around three to five inches thick. Granite can be combined with other types of rock or used on its own to create a smooth, effective and decorative walkway.

Cobblestone is a classic stone used in driveways and walkways. It is still widely used in Europe and is an ideal choice for walkways that need a water-runoff area. Cobblestones do not fit perfectly together, and this means that water can run off under the stones.

Flagstone comes in uniform or irregular shapes and can give a walkway a dramatic effect. Irregular stones can be placed on a walkway and the gaps filled in with paving sand for a unique look.

Concrete pavers are the least expensive option for designing a walkway. Concrete pavers come in a huge variety of colors, shapes and sizes and some mimic the look of natural stone. However, unlike natural stone, flat concrete pavers begin to show wear after a while and degrade in time.