What Is a Flapjack Plant?


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A flapjack plant is a succulent tropical plant native to South Africa. The flapjack plant is also known as the dog tongue, desert cabbage or paddle plant. The scientific name for the flapjack is Kalanchoe thyrsiflora.

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Flapjack plants have paddle-shaped, sage green leaves that are directly attached to the stem. Flapjacks can grow to be a total of 2 feet tall when mature and have leaves up to 6 inches in diameter. Flapjacks do not reach maturity for a period of three to four years. The flapjack produces flowers that are yellowish-green and dense. This plant gets its common name of flapjack from how its leaves are said to be stacked on each other like flapjacks, with flapjacks referring to pancakes.

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