How Do You Fix a Wrinkled Poster?

To fix a wrinkled poster, lay the poster face down and cover with a damp towel and iron the entire poster on the lowest heat setting until the wrinkles are removed. Make sure the poster does not get too damp or too hot, otherwise it may become damaged.

  1. Lay the poster face down on a flat surface

    Take the poster and lay it down on a large, hard, flat surface. Do not use a carpet or other soft surface.

  2. Heat an iron to its lowest setting

    Make sure the iron is on the lowest heat setting or the poster may be damaged.

  3. Cover the poster with a damp towel

    Cover the poster's blank side with a damp towel. Make sure the towel is damp rather than wet. Use a spray nozzle if necessary to evenly distribute the water.

  4. Iron a small area to test

    Take the iron and apply pressure to a small area of the towel-covered poster to make sure there is no heat damage. If you notice damage, lower the heat setting and apply less pressure.

  5. Iron entire poster

    Iron the entire poster section by section. Don't press too hard or kneel on the poster.

  6. Repeat if necessary

    If all the wrinkles are not removed, repeat the process. Focus on the area with the most wrinkles first. You may have to iron the poster a couple of times for best results.