How Do You Fix a Whirlpool Dryer That Is Not Blowing Hot Air?

The first step to fix a dryer that is not blowing out hot air is to determine the cause of the problem. Easy Appliance Parts suggests first making sure that the proper voltage is going to the machine. Ensure that the power cord is secure and the circuit breakers are in the correct positions, then check the fuse panel to ensure that the fuses are in working order.

If the dryer is not blowing out hot air and it is not energy related, then a mechanical issue could be causing the problem, and it is possible that the dryer?s heating element is defective, according to PartSelect. To repair a heating element, first test it to ensure that it is the problem. Disconnect the power source to the dryer, and open the dryer's cabinet to locate the heating element. A dryer's heating element has a coiled wire made of nickel and chrome alloy. This wire receives and resists a controlled electric current, and as a result, the heat produced is what dries the clothes in the dryer. Once you gain access to the dryer's heating element, use a multimeter to determine its resistance scale. This process is similar to testing a fuse in an automobile. Simply set the meter to "R X 1," and touch each meter probe to one end of the element. If you receive a reading of infinite resistance, then the heating element is no longer functioning. The heating element cannot be repaired, but it is possible to replace it.