How Do I Fix My Well Pump?


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Begin by switching the circuit breaker to check for a fuse blowout, or replace the starter switch if there are motor problems. Replace the damaged fuse if necessary. You may also need paper, a new check valve, a circuit breaker and wiring for this project.

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  1. Fix the electric problem

    Inspect the fuse and wires that are connected to the pump. Flip the circuit breaker to reset the electricity. Install a new fuse if the old one is blown out. Check the pump for water flow. If the problem remains, check the wiring. Inspect the circuit breaker as well, and replace it if it's broken.

  2. Repair the motor

    Inspect the motor to see if the starter switch is defective. Replace it with a new one. Turn off the power, and clean the pressure switch contacts with paper.

  3. Inspect the pipes

    With the power switched off, uninstall the priming plug if the well pump isn't functional. Check to see if water is in the pipe, and prime the pipe if there is no water inside. If priming is not a problem, get a sense of the weather around you since cold and arid temperatures can prevent water flow.

  4. Check the valves and strainer

    Inspect the strainer and foot valve. The well may produce mud or sand if these areas are clogged. Replace the check valve if necessary.

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