How Do You Fix a Water Heater Circulating Pump?


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Fixing a water heater circulation pump depends on the problem of the pump. Common water heater circulation pump problems include power waste, corrosion and noise.

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Power waste occurs when the hot water has to travel through long pipes to reach the taps, especially if the distance between the water heater location and the kitchen or bathroom is long. This long distance requires more electric energy to keep the water in the system hot. To fix the heat loss, apply insulation to the water supply and return pipes. Additionally, you can minimize the power wastage by turning off the pump during the night.

Corrosion in the circulation pump occurs as a result of water chemistry or high velocity of water flowing through the pump. Corrosion causes thinning in the walls of the pipe, leading to rupture. The commonly corroded areas of the pipe include elbows, bends and tees. To fix this problem, replace the pump with a lower-capacity pump.

A noisy pump results from the entry of air into the heating system following a power outage. The air causes pressure buildup in the system, leading to noise. To fix this problem, start by opening the small air escape valve to let the air out of the system, and follow up by opening other valves.

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