How Do You Fix a Water Hammer in Your Pipes?

Fix water hammer in pipes by turning off the water main and opening the faucet that causes the noise so that the waterlogged air chamber drains and fills with air. If the chamber is full of mineral accumulation, remove the cap from the top of the pipe before cleaning the scale away. Then, turn on the water, and the air-filled chamber provides a cushion to prevent future hammering of the pipes.

Water hammer is a plumbing problem that occurs when shutting off a faucet on a plumbing line. Water under high pressure comes to a sudden stop, which causes the pipes to vibrate, and if left unchecked, water hammer can cause burst pipes or fittings. Properly installed plumbing includes air chambers, but under pressure, the water sometimes absorbs the air and fills the chamber.

Sometimes, plumbers do not include air chambers in the plumbing installation. In these cases, it is sometimes possible to reduce the noise by installing a pressure reducer. While the reducer slows the flow of water to reduce the noise and damage to the pipe, it also slows the flow at the fixture to unacceptable rates in some cases. If this occurs, remove the pressure reducer, and install air chambers that cushion the hammering pipes.