How Do You Fix a Washing Machine That Won't Spin?


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To fix a washing machine that won't spin, perform a master reset. There are a number of potential repairs that can be performed for a washing machine that won't spin, but a master reset is the first step regardless of the make and model of the washing machine. Users should refer to the user manual before attempting further repairs.

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To perform a master reset of a washing machine, remove the plug from the power socket for one minute. Once the minute is up, restore power to the machine and open and close the door of the machine six times within 12 seconds. This sends a reset signal to the electronics and works on around half of all washing machines. To find out how to perform a reset for the particular make and model of washing machine experiencing the problem, refer to the user manual.

If the master reset doesn't work, there may be an issue with the lid switch. To check if the lid switch is the problem, remove the lid switch as specified in the user manual for the machine and test it with a digital multimeter. If the lid switch is working properly, the water level control or pressure switch may cause the problem. Check to see if the water level control is clogged or the pressure switch is cracked. If the washing machine still refuses to spin, it is recommended to call a repair professional.

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