How do you fix a washing machine motor?


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A washing machine motor can often be fixed by replacing the lid switch, replacing a worn clutch or replacing a broken coupler. The exact procedure for fixing a washing machine motor depends on the specific problem it has.

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A defective lid switch is indicated by a washer that is not pumping water or spinning. This can happen whether the motor running or not. The appliance owner should inspect the lid switch located inside the washing machine, near the door frame. This should be replaced if there are any issues in order to get the motor and washing machine running normally again.

A motor can sometimes be fixed by replacing a worn clutch. A common sign of a worn clutch is a washer that does not agitate. Black stains on the floor under the washer also indicate a faulty clutch. This needs to be replaced to get the motor running normally.

A broken coupler can also cause a washing machine motor to not work properly. The coupler is a rubber or plastic connector that links the motor’s shaft to the machine’s transmission. It can wear over time and need to be replaced to get the motor running as it should. One indication of a broken coupler is a washer that is pumping water but not spinning.

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