How Do I Fix a Warped Hardwood Floor?

How Do I Fix a Warped Hardwood Floor?

To fix a warped hardwood floor, fill the small gaps, sand and finish the floor, pack epoxy filler into large gaps, and apply another coat of finish. The required supplies are floor filler, a drum sander, sandpaper, finish, a paint roller, epoxy filler and latex filler and a putty knife.

  1. Fill small gaps with latex filler

    Move all furniture off of the floor. Use a putty knife to fill small gaps and cracks with latex filler. Only apply the filler to imperfections narrower than 1/4 inch. Let the filler dry according to the package directions.

  2. Sand the floor

    Sand the floor with a drum sander fitted with coarse sandpaper. Move the sander in parallel diagonal lines, and then sand the floor in the direction of the wood grain. Repeat this step several times, using increasingly fine sandpaper.

  3. Apply one coat of finish

    Apply one coat of wood finish, and let it dry.

  4. Fill large gaps

    Pack epoxy wood filler into gaps and cracks wider than 1/4 inch, smooth the surface with a putty knife, and give the filler time to dry.

  5. Apply additional finish

    Apply one or more coats of finish over the dried epoxy wood filler. Do not use the floor until the finish cures.