How Do You Fix an Unbalanced Washing Machine?

To fix an unbalanced washing machine, check that the clothes are distributed evenly in the tub, make sure the machine is level and check to ensure the inner mechanisms are working correctly. Signs of an unbalanced washing machine include a loud banging noise when it is spinning, vibrations or shaking.

While loud noises coming from a washing machine might be alarming, quite often they are caused by the machine simply being off balance. There are some easy fixes to this problem.

  1. Check the load distribution
  2. An unbalanced load in the drum can cause an unbalanced washing machine. Open the lid and check to see if the clothes are distributed evenly in the drum. If they are all on one side, move them around, close the lid and restart the machine.

  3. Check to see if the machine is level
  4. If the machine is not level, this may cause it to become unbalanced. Use a level to see if the machine is straight. If not, most machines have feet on the bottom that can be adjusted as necessary.

  5. Check the inner workings of the machine
  6. If the previous two steps do not alleviate the issue, then there may be an internal problem. Unplug the machine and remove the front panel. There are suspension springs that hold the drum in place and absorb some of the vibration. If these springs seem to be stretched out or damaged, they may need to be replaced.