How Do I Fix My Tumble Dryer?

How Do I Fix My Tumble Dryer?

You are able to fix many tumble dryer problems on your own, often in less than an hour. Most repairs require basic hand tools. Use a multimeter to help diagnose electrical issues.

  1. Follow safety precautions

    Unplug the dryer before removing any panels and performing diagnostic testing. Electric dryers operate at 240 volts and are a shock hazard.

  2. Troubleshoot the problem

    Determine the source of the problem. Look at the belt, glides or rollers if the machine makes strange noises. Inspect the dryer vent if the clothes get warm but take too long to dry. Check the heating element, temperature sensor or thermal fuse using the multimeter if the dryer tumbles but doesn't get hot. Use the multimeter to check the door switch and power block if the machine doesn't start.

  3. Purchase replacement parts

    Purchase the parts required for the repair. Use your smart phone to take a photo of the plate that lists the manufacturer, model number and serial number before shopping for the parts. Give this information to the appliance parts supplier to ensure you get the right parts the first time.

  4. Make the repair

    With the exception of cleaning the dryer vent, most repairs include replacing parts.The replacement parts look very similar to the original ones. Take photos before removing a part. Electrical connections are generally the spade type. Use needle-nosed pliers to pull the connection apart and remove the old part. Slide the connection back in place after installing the new part.