How Do You Fix a Touch Lamp?

If a touch lamp is not working properly, troubleshoot the issue and determine if it is a simple fix or if there is a short or defect with the lamp. Some touch lamps may not work if they are plugged into a dimmer switch, are using an incorrect or bad bulb or are getting interference from static electricity or radio frequency.

To determine the source of the problem, try troubleshooting common issues that may cause the lamp to work improperly.

  1. The lamp will not turn on
  2. If the lamp will not turn on, make sure it is not on a dimmer switch and the bulb and connection is good. If there is a good connection, a working bulb and the nondimming switch is in the on position, the electronics module is most likely defective and needs replacement.

  3. The lamp will not turn off
  4. If the lamp will not turn off, make sure the hand being used does not have any callouses, lotion or other "insulator" that would effect touch sensitivity. Antistatic sprays can also affect the lamps response. If you determine those issues are not present, the thyristor is most likely shorted and needs replacement.

  5. The lamp is turning off or on without being touched
  6. If the lamp turns on and off intermittently, make sure to use a one-way bulb and surge protector. Power surges and other radio transmissions, such as ham radios, CB radios and garage door openers, can sometimes affect the lamp.