How Do You Fix Torn Carpet?


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Torn carpet can be fixed by replacing the area that is damaged. A homeowner will need a carpet knife, carpet pieces and carpet tape.

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Repairing a tear or rip in carpet is fairly easy with a little know-how. Supplies should be gathered first to make the process go smoothly. Cutting and replacing the torn carpet takes just a short amount of time.

Step 1: Cut Out the Torn Portion

The first step in repairing torn carpet is to determine the area that needs fixed. If the carpet contains a small tear, it works best when a square is cut all around the tear. Using the carpet knife, carefully cut around the tear, making as perfect a square as possible.

Step 2: Cut Out a New Piece of Carpet

After cutting out the old carpet, cut a square of new carpet the same size as the old square. The new piece of carpet should be placed in the empty square space to ensure it fits.

Step 3: Apply Carpet Tape

After making sure the square is the correct size, cut a square of carpet tape and place it in position. The sticky side of the tape should not touch the edges of the carpet.

Step 4: Adding the New Carpet

After the tape is in place, the new carpet square can be inserted. After the piece is properly in place, a carpet tractor can be used to smooth out and blend the two pieces.

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