How Do You Fix a Toilet That Won't Flush?


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Fix a toilet that does not flush by turning off the water supply valve, removing the tank lid, lifting the flapper valve to drain the tank, removing the old chain, and replacing it with a new one. Then adjust the new chain to ensure the flapper opens fully.

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  1. Turn off the water

    Use the supply valve located between the toilet tank and floor to turn off the water by turning the knob counterclockwise.

  2. Remove the tank lid

    Lift the tank lid off the tank, and place it in a safe location where it cannot get broken

  3. Drain the tank

    Reach through the water in the tank and grasp the round flapper valve at the bottom center of the tank. Lift the valve to allow water in the tank to flush the toilet.

  4. Remove the old chain

    Use needle-nose pliers to remove the old chain. If it is difficult to remove, use the pliers to cut through a link to remove it.

  5. Replace the chain

    Purchase a replacement chain at the plumbing or hardware store. Use the round slip-ring to attach the chain to the flapper valve and connect the other end of the chain to the flush lever.

  6. Adjust the new chain

    Turn on the water and allow the tank to fill. Adjust the chain so the flapper valve opens completely with the tank lid in place.

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