How Do You Fix a Swivel Rocker Mechanism?


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First, determine what component of the swivel rocker mechanism needs to be repaired, then replace either the faulty gas cylinder, the manual mechanism or both. It may also be necessary to repair damaged wood if any of the connecting components are damaged.

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If a swivel rocker's gas mechanism rises and lowers when not in use or if light pressure causes the mechanism to lower due to a lack of resistance, it is likely that the gas mechanism needs to be replaced. This may also be the case if pressing the gas mechanism lever does not actuate the swivel rocker or if it is stuck in a single position. The adjustable height cylinder is the only part of the swivel rocker mechanism that a layman can reliably replace; anything else should be replaced by an experienced technician.

If there is no gas mechanism, or if it appears to be functioning correctly, the manual mechanisms may need to be replaced. Check for squeaking upon actuation, which may indicate that a thrust, post or bell washer needs replacement. Replacing one of these washers requires disassembly of the swivel rocker mechanism, so pay close attention to each step taken so that you can put the assembly back together again afterwards.

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