How Do You Fix a Smoke Detector Alarm Chirp?


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Smoke detectors use a chirping noise to alert users that the battery is low, so replacing the battery fixes most chirps. However, some units, especially those that connect to the home's wiring system, maintain the error code in the memory chip and require further steps to stop the chirping noise. On units with a "silence" or "hush" button, press it after replacing the battery to quiet the detector.

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Manually clear the error from the smoke detector connected to the electrical system by turning off the circuit breaker. Remove the smoke detector from the mounting bracket, disconnect it from the home wiring system, and remove the battery from the unit. Locate the "test" button on the smoke detector, press the button, and hold it as the unit emits an alarm briefly and then goes silent. Reconnect the electrical wires, and replace the unit into the mounting bracket. Replace the old battery with a new one.

Some battery-operated smoke detectors also continue chirping after battery replacement. Silence these units by removing the battery and pressing the alarm button before reinserting the battery. Stop the chirping noise from units that connect to a home security system by pressing the sequence star, seven and two on the system's keypad. To avoid problems, change the batteries every six months before they are low enough to initiate the chirping noise.

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