How Do You Fix a Slow-Running Toilet?

How Do You Fix a Slow-Running Toilet?

Fixing a toilet that runs slowly doesn't take much time at all with this simple process. You only need a pair of vinyl gloves, a small mirror and a piece of thick wire, such as that from a wire hanger or a piece of pipe cleaner.

  1. Locate the small holes in the bowl

    Flush the toilet bowl to make sure you clean the inside, and then put on the vinyl gloves. Hold the small mirror inside the toilet bowl, and locate the small holes on the underside of the toilet bowl rim.

  2. Unclog the holes

    Run the end of the pipe cleaner or the thick piece of wire up into one hole to clear out any mineral deposit obstructions that disrupt the flow of water. Sometimes, these mineral deposits clog the holes and decrease the water flow, so remove as much of them as possible. Go through each hole with the piper cleaner or wire until you finish clearing every obstruction and restore proper flow.

  3. Check your work

    Flush the toilet to wash away any loose mineral deposits in the toilet bowl. If the water still runs slowly from the sides, repeat the process until it flows steadily from the holes.