How Do You Fix a Slow-Flushing Toilet?


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Repair a slow-flushing toilet due to a plugged main line by cleaning the line with a drain bladder. Locate and open the main cleanout, attach the bladder to a water hose, and insert it in the drain. Turn on the water hose to allow the bladder to work.

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  1. Determine if a main line clog is the problem

    Toilets flush slowly for many reasons, one of which is a clogged main drain. If several fixtures in the home are draining slowly, this procedure is likely to help. Gurgling pipes along with a slow-draining toilet indicate a plugged main.

  2. Locate the cleanout

    Cleanouts are sometimes in the basement, garage, or between the house and street. Remove the cap to access the cleanout. Waste sometimes pours out when removing a cap from a clogged line.

  3. Prepare the bladder

    Attach the bladder to a garden hose, and insert it into the cleanout. Push the hose into the cleanout as far as possible to minimize possible damage to the drain line. Turn on the water slowly. Stand back from the cleanout while the bladder is working.

  4. Remove the bladder

    Turn off the water, allow the bladder to deflate, and remove it from the cleanout. Have a helper flush the toilet, and observe the flow in the cleanout. You should see the water flow through the pipe freely. Replace the cap on the cleanout.

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