How Do You Fix a Slow Bathtub Drain?

How Do You Fix a Slow Bathtub Drain?

Clear a slow bathtub drain by removing debris in the drain or pipes, trying hot water and salt, and using an enzymatic drain cleaner. One or more methods may be needed to eliminate the problem and restore adequate drainage.

  1. Remove debris

    Hair and accumulated oils from shampoos, body washes and the body itself are common culprits of slow drains. Removing them restores flow to the drain. Remove the drain stopper, and use a wire coat hanger or other bent wire to remove the globs of hair.

  2. Use hot water and salt

    For debris farther down the pipes, or to remove even more gunk, run the hottest water possible through the pipes for about five minutes. Pour a cup of regular salt down the drain, and immediately follow with a large pot of boiling water. This method can clear drains without the use of harsh chemicals.

  3. Try an enzymatic drain cleaner

    If the salt and hot water solution does not work, try a chemical drain cleaner. Carefully read the label on the product, as some products need to be diluted, while others can be poured directly into the drain. Most products require latent sitting time to break down the sludge in the drain. Rinse or flush out the drain after that time has passed to open up the drain and restore flow to the pipes.