How Do You Fix Shower Drain Leaks?

How Do You Fix Shower Drain Leaks?

To stop shower drain leaks, remove the screen, unscrew the strainer, remove any old plumber's putty, and remove the existing gasket. Replace the gasket, and add new plumber's putty under the strainer before replacing it.

  1. Remove the drain screen

    Remove the screws that hold the screen in place, and lift the screen out of place. Avoid dropping the screws or other objects down the drain.

  2. Unscrew the strainer

    The strainer is located under the screen and has a crosspiece in the middle to prevent larger objects and hair from going down the drain. Insert the head of a pair of water-pump pliers into the strainer, and open the handles to apply pressure to the screen. Unscrew the strainer from the fitting.

  3. Remove the old plumber's putty

    Use a putty knife to scrape away any old plumber's putty from the bottom of the shower and the strainer. Use a wire brush to remove any putty from the threads.

  4. Remove the gasket

    Push the drainpipe to the side of the opening in the shower pan. Grab the old gasket, and remove it. Clean the pipe of any debris.

  5. Replace the gasket

    Place a new gasket over the drainpipe.

  6. Replace the strainer

    Make a rope of plumber's putty, and form a ring under the base of the strainer. Insert the strainer into the drainpipe, and tighten it.

  7. Replace the shower screen

    Place the screen over the opening. Insert and tighten the screws.