How Do You Fix Scratches on Furniture?


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The technique required for repairing scratches on wood furniture normally depends on how severe the scratch is. Many scratches are repairable, but others may require the surface to be refinished. Nut oils and waxes offer two effective solutions for fixing shallower scratches.

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Small scratches can be hidden quickly by breaking the meat of a pecan, Brazil nut or walnut and rubbing it along the scratch. The oil from the nut helps to darken a raw scratch. Hard paste wax and fine steel wool can help when there are many small scratches present. Apply the wax and stroke it lightly with the steel wool in the direction of the wood grain. The surface can then be buffed with a soft cloth.

Deeper scratches can be repaired with furniture-patching wax sticks. Choose a stick with a color that matches the finish of the furniture and run it along the scratch firmly enough to fill the mark with the wax. Excess wax can be removed with a credit card. Allow the wax to dry before buffing it with a cloth.

Badly scratched surfaces normally need to be refinished. It may be possible, however, to stain a small number of very deep scratches to match the rest of the furniture. Apply the stain with a small paintbrush and let it sit for 15 minutes before wiping it off. The process can be repeated until the scratch and the wood match in color.

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