How Do You Fix a Scotsman Ice Machine?

To fix a Scotsman ice machine, determine the particular issue and then replace or repair the defective component. Common problems with ice machines include clogged water supply lines, frozen fill tubes, dirty water filters and damaged water inlet valves.

If a Scotsman ice machine does not make ice, inspect the water supply line. The water supply line connects to a supply valve, usually at back of the freezer. Make sure the valve is opened to allow water to flow into the device. Unkink any dents on the water supply line. If the problem continues, examine the solenoid and tap valve and replace them if defective.

If the ice machine is leaking water, check the device to make sure it is level. Reposition the unit by loosening the mounting screws and then adjusting it to the required level. Check to ensure that the fill tube and fill cup are properly aligned. If the problem persists, inspect the water inlet valve, and replace it if damaged.

If a Scotsman ice machine makes too much ice and does not shut off, the shutoff arm or switch might be defective. Test these components for continuity, and replace them if necessary. If these repairs do not remedy the problem, contact a Scotsman professional for assistance.