How Do You Fix an RV Hot Water Heater?


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Common hot water heater repairs for an RV include cleaning the propane lines, changing the position of the bypass valve and replacing the heating element. It is necessary to isolate the problem to ensure the hot water heater is successfully repaired.

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To repair a hot water heater in an RV, check the propane lines and vents for insects and other debris. If a clogged line is suspected, turn the hot water heater off and clean the burner tube gently using a vacuum attachment. Typically, the burner tube is a small nozzle-shaped device located near the pilot light.

If hot water is not coming out of the faucets inside the RV, but is hot at the faucet located directly on the hot water heater, it is necessary to locate and flip the bypass switch. Locate the bypass switch using the owner's manual, and flip the switch to the opposite position to allow water to flow through the hot water heater.

If other repairs do not provide hot water, it may be necessary to install a new heating element. Check the owner's manual to identify the location of the heating element and remove and replace the part. Replace the hot water heater with a new one if basic repairs do not resolve the issue.

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