How Do You Fix a Refrigerator Door That Doesn't Stay Closed?

Fix a refrigerator that does not close by checking for items that block it from closing, cleaning the gasket, leveling the unit, and checking the hinges and cams that automatically close the door. Begin the process by looking for food containers that bump against the door shelves and hold it open. Rearrange these items or close crisper drawers so the door can close.

Spills in the refrigerator run down the walls and sometimes collect on the gasket, where they form a sticky mass that prevents proper door closure. Use a rag and warm, soapy water to remove the material from the gasket and check to see if the door closes correctly.

Level the refrigerator by placing a short spirit level on top of the unit. If the bubble on the level is not between the two lines, remove the grill from the bottom of the unit to access the adjusting legs. Usually, they have threaded stems that turn to raise or lower the front of the unit. Some have adjusting screws that you turn with a screwdriver for adjustment.

If other efforts do not resolve the problem, remove the door from the fridge and lay it on a flat surface. Clean the hinge pin and nylon closing cam with warm, soapy water. Apply a light coat of petroleum jelly to the pin and cam before reassembling the door.