How Do You Fix a Pocket Door?


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Most top-hung pocket doors can be repaired by replacing the upper track and roller mechanisms. Take out the original doors, remove all the old or broken hardware, and reinstall the doors with new components.

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  1. Remove the doors

    Top-hung pocket doors hang from an overhead railing, and they have rollers that allow them to glide smoothly on the track. Slide each door to the middle of the opening, and slowly lift the rollers up and out of the track.

  2. Remove all old hardware

    Remove the track from the frame, and take the wheels and brackets from the doors. Mark the position of the old hardware. This is a good time to thoroughly clean the pockets and any exposed areas.

  3. Install new components

    Affix the new wheel brackets to match the location of the previous parts, and install the new track. Use a light assembly grease to lubricate the roller mechanism and the railing. Check each door for proper fit before final assembly. Update any knobs or handles, if desired.

  4. Replace the doors

    Double check all the new hardware for proper installation, and ensure all screws are tight. Replace each door by carefully setting the wheels into the recessed track. Test each door for smooth operation, and adjust the roller heights as necessary.

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