How Do You Fix Plumbing Problems Caused by Air in Pipes?

To fix plumbing problems cause by air in the pipes, flush the system to clear out any air. Locate the household water supply valve, and turn it off. Find the lowest shutoff valve or faucet in the building, and connect a water hose to it. Run the hose from this point into the garden or a drain. Open the lowest shutoff valve to drain the water system. With time, the hose should stop blowing air, and water should flow freely.

Before starting the draining process, remove the water pipes of all water-fed appliances such as washing machines from the water supply system. Place large buckets, pans or pots under these newly exposed water pipes to catch any spills.

Typically, the lowest shutoff valve or faucet is the water heater's mounted drain cock. Once the lowest valve has been opened, open all remaining faucets and valves in and around the house including the recently unplugged appliances. This prevents a vacuum from forming in the pipe system.

Allow the system time to drain. Check the hose for any sputtering. Listen to the pipes for any banging or rattling. When it sounds like no more air is trapped in the pipes, move through the house, and shut off all valves and faucets. Turn off the lowest shutoff valve last.

Remove the hose from the lowest shutoff valve, and collect it from the yard or street drain. Reconnect any appliances to the water system.