How Do I Fix Plasterboards to a Wall?


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Attaching plasterboard to a wall is a relatively easy project that takes only a few steps and can be finished within a couple of hours. You need a measuring tape, a pencil, a ruler, a knife, wall adhesive, plasterboard, a level and a trowel.

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  1. Measure the space

    Measure the wall where you need to place the plasterboard using a measuring tape. Mark the plasterboard with the necessary dimensions using a ruler and a pencil.

  2. Cut the plasterboard

    Score the lines you marked in the plasterboard with the knife. Cut as deeply as possible. Turn the board over to the uncut side, and place pressure on both sides of the cut line with your hands and knees until you break the board along the scored line. Snip away any paper still attached across the broken pieces.

  3. Apply the adhesive

    Mix the adhesive according to the instructions on the label. Use a trowel to apply the adhesive to the wall in lumps spaced 12 inches apart.

  4. Place the plasterboard

    Gently put the plasterboard into place on the wall. Press the plasterboard onto the adhesive until you feel it attach firmly to the wall. Make sure the plasterboard is flat and even across the wall using a level.

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