How Do You Fix Peeling Paint on the Bathroom Wall and Ceiling?

To fix peeling paint on the bathroom wall and ceiling, strip the paint from the drywall or plaster, clean the surface, create adequate ventilation in the bathroom, prime the area again and repaint it. Peeling paint in the bathroom is usually caused by moisture damage, so it is impossible to repair without stripping the old paint.

Bathrooms suffer peeling paint more frequently than other rooms of the house because of the steam from the shower and bathtub.

  1. Strip the paint
  2. Use a paint scraper to peel off all the layers of paint. This is an essential step to ensure adhesion of the new primer and paint. After the paint is removed, clean the walls and ceiling with a damp cloth or sponge, then let the area dry.
  3. Improve ventilation in the bathroom
  4. Adding ventilation to the bathroom will protect the new paint from peeling in the future. Exhaust fans and roof vents, for example, lift hot, moist air out of the home so it cannot impact the adhesion of paint to walls and ceilings.
  5. Paint and prime the area
  6. Prime the walls and ceiling with a high-quality primer. After it dries, add as many coats of paint as necessary to ensure proper coverage. Use the exhaust fan and other ventilation systems during baths and showers to reduce humidity.