How Do You Fix Paint Streaks?

To fix paint steaks, wait for the paint to dry completely, purchase new paint that matches the original shade, and prepare the area for painting. Apply primer over the streaks, and then paint the area with a fresh coat.

  1. Wait for the paint to dry completely

    Ensure that the paint is completely dry before fixing the streaks. This takes about 24 hours.

  2. Purchase fresh paint

    Purchase the exact type and shade of paint as the original. Take a paint chip with you if you are unsure of what the original paint is. You may need to purchase a lighter shade if the original paint has faded into a different color.

  3. Prepare the area

    Move furniture and equipment away from the area that needs painting, and cover them if necessary. Apply primer on the paint streaks and uneven areas.

  4. Apply the new paint

    Paint over the streaks in a crisscross motion to ensure that all the streaks are covered. Ensure that your brush or roller is evenly covered with paint before applying. Streaking occurs mainly due to uneven paint application.

  5. Assess the results

    Wait for the paint to dry completely before assessing the results. You may need to completely redo the area if there are still signs of uneven painting or streaking.