How Do You Fix Paint Chips on a Wall?

To fix paint chips on a wall, scrape off the sticking chips from the wall with a putty knife, fill the holes with spackle, sand the wall, then apply primer before painting. To achieve a uniform surface, use paint that is similar to the old paint.

  1. Remove the chips

    Scrape off the loose chips with a putty knife to flatten the surface. Apply moderate pressure when scraping to avoid gouging the wall.

  2. Fill the holes and sand the wall

    Using a putty knife, fill the holes left by the chips with spackle, and allow the spackle to dry. To create an even surface, ensure that the spackle levels with the wall. Gently sand the spackle to eliminate any traces of sticking chips and to smooth the surface so it matches the rest of the wall.

  3. Prime and paint the wall

    Apply a layer of primer to the wall, and let it dry to make the paint stick to the wall. Once the primer is sufficiently dry, apply paint to the wall with a paint brush. Then let the wall dry. If needed, apply additional layers of paint for better results. It is important to let the previous layer of paint dry before each subsequent layer.