How Do You Fix Overwatered Plants?

Fix an overwatered plant by removing it from the soil, cutting away damaged roots, repotting the plant, reducing the water and removing it from direct sunlight. You need a clean pot, pasteurized potting soil and a garden trowel.

  1. Remove the plant from the soil

    Immediately remove the overwatered plant from the soil. If it is a potted plant, place the pot on its side and carefully slip the plant out. You want to keep the roots as intact as possible. Use your fingers to loosen the soil from the roots.

  2. Inspect the roots

    Inspect the roots for any mushy or soft spots. Use a pair of pruning scissors to remove these damaged roots.

  3. Repot the plant

    Fill one-third of a clean pot with pasteurized potting soil. Place the plant inside the pot. Gently spread the roots out with your fingers. Add more soil to the pot until the soil reaches the crown of the plant.

  4. Reduce water amounts

    Water the plant only enough to keep the soil slightly moist. Empty the drainage tray under the pot to keep the soil from getting soggy.

  5. Remove the plant from direct sunlight

    Place the plant in indirect sunlight. Keep the temperature of the room warm. Wait until the plant develops new growth.