How Do You Fix an Oven Door Spring?

When an oven door spring is broken, remove the old spring, and replace it with a new, identical one. This is an easy fix that does not require the help of a repair company. Oven door springs are available at appliance parts stores, and some are shipped directly from the manufacturer.

Removal of the oven door and bottom drawer provides access to the springs. Removing the door involves opening it to the first stop and pulling upwards. The process usually involves pulling it to the stop, lifting and pulling again.

On most ovens, the door springs are visible when the bottom drawer is removed. In some cases, especially with old ovens, accessing the springs involves removing the side panel of the stove. Some ovens do not use springs; however, on the models that do, the springs wear and break over time. If one is broken, use pliers to remove it from the bolts. Once the spring is in place, tightening the ends around the bolt with pliers prevents it from slipping.

An oven door that does not close properly wastes energy and increases the temperature in the home. Recipes take longer to cook or cook unevenly due to the heat loss.