How Do You Fix Noisy Pipes?

How Do You Fix Noisy Pipes?

Noisy pipes make sounds such as rattling, whistling, banging and cracking for several reasons. Before fixing a noisy pipe, find out the main reason for the noise. This makes it easier to solve plumbing problems.

  1. Identify the type of sound

    The expansion and contraction of the pipes cause a cracking sound. Hot water causes the pipes to expand. When the hot water stops running through the pipes, there is a contraction due to cooling of the pipes. Rattling sounds result from loosely attached pipes. Whistling sounds usually occur as a result of water passing through an unrestricted area. Banging sounds occur when the water supply is stopped abruptly.

  2. Fix the problem

    Stop the water supply. Then, address the problem depending on what kind of noise the pipes make. The cracking sounds can be fixed by insulating the water pipes. For rattling sounds, which are caused by vibration, cushion the pipes. This helps stop the vibration, thus eliminating the sound. To resolve whistling sounds, reduce the water pressure at the water supply valve. Banging sounds can be solved by attaching a hammer arrester directly where the problem is.

  3. Seek professional service

    If problems persist, seek the help of a professional plumber.