How Do You Fix a Maytag Washer?

How Do You Fix a Maytag Washer?

According to Appliance Repair, fixing a Maytag washer starts with diagnosing the underlying problem, such as improper filling, overflowing or too much hot or cold water.

  1. Fix clogged the valves and hoses

    If a washer fills slowly or fails to fill at all, check the fill hose and the valve strainers. Shut the water valves, remove the hoses and check them at both ends. Fix any clogs with a toothbrush or a turkey baster.

  2. Replace the components

    If a washer has problems spinning or agitating, it may have a faulty motor coupling. Also, the drive belt may be broken or not tight enough on the pulleys. A broken drive motor should be replaced if it is causing spinning complications for the washer. Damaged rotor components, such as magnets, should be replaced.

  3. Contact a Maytag distributor

    Maytag Commercial Laundry advises application of published user-repair procedures when attempting to fix or service any component of a washer. An authorized Maytag Commercial Distributor may be contacted if user-repair instructions are hard to follow. Thus, you should only attempt to repair your Maytag washer if you have the skills to carry out specific manufacturer's instructions. Other washer parts to be checked and fixed include the door lock motor, the switch assembly, the motor control board and the transmission.