How Do You Fix Lower Water Pressure in a Well's Water Pump?

To fix low water pressure in a well water pump, inspect the system to find out if there's a problem with hard water buildup that's causing the decline in pressure, advises Scale buildup can increase the friction in the pipes, which diminishes the water pressure for the entire system. Removing this scale can increase the pressure.

There are three solutions for solving low pressure not caused by scale buildup from hard water, notes The first of these is to install a constant pressure valve between the pressure tank and the pump that automatically adjusts the flow from the pump to a pressure that the homeowner presets. These are fairly easy to install, but will not increase the flow rate to a rate greater than the rate that the pump is geared to put out.

Another fix is to add additional pressure tank capacity by installing a second tank. This helps with short-term water demands, but does not provide a permanent fix for times when a lot of water is demanded at once.

Replacing the pump with a variable speed pump is a third fix. The motor of a variable speed pump operates twice as fast as its constant-speed counterparts, and the speed is regulated by the household's demand for water.