How Do You Fix a Loose Banister?

How Do You Fix a Loose Banister?

Fixing a loose banister involves disassembling the bull nose piece and the particular banister, drilling new holes for the draw bolts and reassembling the pieces back together with glue and new screws. The particular method shown here will require tools such as a power drill, screwdriver, hammer and a brad gun as well as new draw bolts and a polyurethane glue.

The following shows the basic steps of one method of fixing and tightening loose handrail banisters.

  1. Disassemble
  2. Begin disassembling the particular portion of the stairs where the loose banister is located by remove the bullnose piece on the side. Using a hammer and a screwdriver, ease out the bullnose piece carefully and evenly. Make a mark on the bullnose piece and the stair level to make sure that they go back in the same place should there be several banisters that need fixing.

  3. Drill new holes
  4. Drill new holes on the bottom of the banisters following the recommendations by its manufacturer. Tighten the banister back into place with draw bolts and glue. Keep in mind that polyurethane glue will expand and might seep out of the joined pieces so use just the right amount of glue.

  5. Reassemble
  6. Reassemble the pieces that were removed, including the spindles for the banisters. Use a hammer to ensure that the spindles are securely in place. Use a glue and new screws to secure the bull nose piece back into place.