How Do You Fix a Leaking Shower Faucet?


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Fixing a leaking shower faucet involves dismantling the faucet; replacing faulty parts such as the faucet washer, valve stem and valve stem seat; and reassembling the faucet. Be sure to disconnect the water supply to the faucet, and drain the faucet line before attempting this task.

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To dismantle the faucet, first detach the handle from the faucet using a handle pusher faucet before detaching the escutcheon to access the valve system. Remove both handles in case the shower system has two of them. Using a lock pliers, detach the valve system in whole, taking care not to unscrew the packing nut on the system, and set the system aside. Remove, and check the faucet washer and valve stem for any damages, and replace them with new, similar ones as needed.

Before reattaching the valve stem to the faucet, examine valve stem seat for damages. If the seat is damaged, replace it with a new seat or repair it. To replace it, use a seat wrench to dislodge the seat from the faucet, and screw a new seat into the place of the old one. To repair the damaged seat, smooth it with a seat grinder to facilitate washer sealing. Then, wipe the faucet pipes of any dirt and debris, replace all the faucet parts accordingly, apply caulk to the faucet plate, reconnect the water supply, and test the faucet to complete the process.

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