How Do You Fix a Leaking Refrigerator Gasket?


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Sometimes, a refrigerator door gasket can be repaired simply by washing off any dirt or mildew and heating the gasket with a blow dryer. When this does not work, the gasket must be removed by unscrewing the gasket retainer. A new gasket is then attached to the door.

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A refrigerator door gasket can simply become deformed and dirty, thus malfunctioning. In such cases, the gasket must be wiped down to remove any dirt or mildew from its cracks and surfaces. Then, the gasket must be heated with the blow dryer and then pulled to restore it to its original shape. The gasket must cool before its function can be tested.

If these actions do not repair the door gasket, the gasket may need to be replaced. This is done by pulling away the inner folds of the gasket to reveal the metal door gasket retainer, unscrewing it and discarding the old gasket. The new gasket should be laid in warm water to make it more flexible. Next, the owner must begin attaching the new gasket to the refrigerator door behind the metal retainer, starting with the upper hinge side corner. Once the perimeter of the door has been circled with the gasket, he must tighten the metal retainer. The refrigerator door may have warped during this process, but this may be remedied by grabbing the corners opposite from hinges and pulling on them.

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