How Do I Fix a Leaking Legacy Washer?


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To fix a leaking Legacy washer, replace the drain pump, change the tub-to-pump hose, and then replace the tub seal. Most washer parts cannot be repaired and must be replaced if damaged.

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The first step to fixing a leaking washer is to inspect the drain pump and the bearing. Replace worn out bearings, and check the pipe for obvious signs of damage, such as cracks or holes. Most parts that are damage cannot be repaired, so replace them as needed.

Next, the hose leading from the pump to the tub can cause leakage if damaged, so thoroughly inspect it for tears and splits. If the hose is damaged, replace the entire thing. Homeowners should not cut the problem area and stretch the remaining hose to fit, because this can cause the hose to fail suddenly and completely. If the hose fails, this can cause serious flooding.

Lastly, a faulty tub seal can cause a washer to leak water. The seal wears over time and needs to be replaced if faulty. The bearings also need to be replaced if there is a leak, since water leaking from the tub can get into the tub bearings and cause them to go bad.

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