How Do You Fix a Leaking Flat Roof?

How Do You Fix a Leaking Flat Roof?

To fix a leaking flat roof, clean the area, remove the damaged part, add a patch and attach new roofing to the space. Use roofing cement and nails to attach patches and roofing.

To repair a flat roof with a leak, run through the following steps:

  1. Clean the area
  2. Sweep dirt and particles away from the roof to create a clear working space.

  3. Inspect the roof
  4. Inspect the roof carefully to look out for leaks. Even if there is one obvious leak in the roof, there may be multiple leaks in the roofing.

  5. Mark the leaks
  6. As leaks appear, mark them with chalk to make them clear and easy to find.

  7. Remove damaged areas
  8. Pry off damaged flashing pieces with a chisel. Cut out damaged areas of roofing. To remove roofing, cut out the affected piece with a razor knife.

  9. Patch the roof
  10. Apply roofing cement to any loose areas of roofing. Add cement around the edges of the empty space where the leak was cut out. Cut a patch out of roofing material to fit inside the space. Add roofing cement to the back of the patch and place it in the space.

  11. Replace flashing
  12. To replace the flashing over the area, cut out a piece of flashing that is larger than the roofing patch. Secure it into place with long nails.