How Do You Fix Latex Paint Drips?

Fix latex paint drips that have dried by removing the drip, sanding the affected area, priming the wall and applying touch up paint in thin coats. Avoid paint drips by periodically stepping away from the surface when painting and inspecting your work before it dries.

  1. Remove the drip

    If the drip line is large, remove it by cutting it away from the wall using a razor blade paint scraper. For smaller drips, use a sanding block and course sandpaper to sand away the drip.

  2. Sand the area

    Sand the area you are repairing. Use fine sandpaper and a sanding block. Sanding helps to smooth the drip line and prepare the surface for painting. Ensure the wall is free of dust before proceeding.

  3. Apply primer

    Use a paintbrush to apply primer to the sanded area. Make sure the edges of the primer thin toward the edges to feather the repair. Follow the manufacturer's directions for drying time before applying the next coat.

  4. Paint the area

    Use leftover paint from the original paint job if you have it; otherwise, remove a small sample from an inconspicuous spot and take it to a reputable paint store. Have the associate mix an exact match. Apply touchup paint to the repaired area. Use thin coats to prevent more drips. Allow time for the paint to dry before applying a second coat.