How Do I Fix My Kenmore That Does Not Dry the Clothes?


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Several problems can affect a Kenmore dryer's ability to dry clothes. If the dryer is heating, but clothes are not drying properly, start by cleaning the lint filter. Then use rubbing alcohol to clean the electronic moisture sensors, which look like small metal strips inside the dryer drum. If the filter is clean and the dryer is still not drying properly, check the vent hose and the outside vent.

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Check the vent hose inside the house for kinks and clogs. Use a long-handled brush to remove lint that has collected inside the hose. For best results and to prevent clogs, use the shortest possible hose to connect the dryer to the outside vent. The outside vent is usually a trap door that opens only when hot air and lint from the dryer is blown out. It is best to clean the outside vent every few months to prevent it from becoming coated with lint and sticking shut. If the dryer still is not working properly, consult the owner's manual for more information. If the dryer is not drying clothes because it is not heating, it is best to contact a repair technician to check the heating element, high-limit thermostat, cycling thermostat, temperature sensor, timer and thermal fuse.

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