How Do You Fix a Jammed Ice Maker?


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To fix a jammed ice maker, crush any cluster of ice inside the ice storage bin using your hands, and change the bin. Get rid of ice cubes stuck below the raker bar atop the ice maker, and remove some ice from the ice storage bin if it is full.

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The first step in fixing a jammed ice maker is to take out the ice storage bin from the freezer. After breaking up clusters of ice, get rid of clumps that are hard to separate. Shut the freezer door once the bin is replaced. Put a glass below the dispenser, and find out if it’s functioning.

The next solution if the ice is still not dispensed is to simultaneously long-press the door switch in the freezer door and push the dispenser switch outside the door. Determine if something is stuck inside the dispenser chute if the flap inside it fails to open.

If there is no obstruction but the flap does not completely open, remove the front cover found outside the freezer door by pulling it. Use a screwdriver to remove the screws below the cover, thus removing the dispenser control board and exposing the flap. Change the spring on the flap if there is damage. Replace the crank as well if necessary. Replace the flap itself if there are signs of rolled or broken edges.

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