How Do I Fix My InSinkErator?

How Do I Fix My InSinkErator?

Fix an InSinkErator garbage disposal that doesn't run by freeing a jammed motor, resetting the overload button and ensuring the device is receiving power. If these steps do not start operation of the unit again, it likely requires professional service.

  1. Check for movement of the motor

    The manufacturer includes a self-service wrench with the unit. Make sure the power is off to the unit. Open the cabinet and insert the short end of this wrench in the hex opening on the bottom of the unit. Turn the long handle to turn the motor. Work the wrench back and forth to free any jams. This sometimes requires some force, but the wrench is designed to bend before you damage the garbage disposal. Once the unit turns freely, remove the wrench.

  2. Reset the overload switch

    Locate the red button on the bottom of the unit. Press the overload protection switch. Turn on the water and activate the garbage disposal switch to see if it is working again.

  3. Check for power

    If the unit does not operate after the first two steps, check for power. Look in the circuit breaker panel for the garbage disposal breaker. It should be in the fully on position. Turn the switch to the off position then turn it back to the on position. If the garbage disposal is wired to a plug-in outlet, use a lamp to check for power.