How Do You Fix an Ice Machine?

Fix an ice machine by first diagnosing what the cause of the malfunction is. If the ice machine won't stop making ice, the shutoff arm or switch may be broken and need replacing. If the machine isn't making ice at all, a number of components including the ejector motor, ice mold heater, water inlet switch or thermostat may be defective and require a replacement. Ice that has a bad taste may be caused by a bad line filter.

A common problem with ice machines is water leakage on the floor around the machine. Prevent leakage by first ensuring the machine is level, and then move on to checking the water supply line. If the water supply line is loose at the connection point, reconnect the supply line securely, and test to see if the ice machine functions properly. If the water supply line is damaged, it requires a replacement.

If the water leakage is instead inside of the machine, it is likely a problem with the water inlet valve. When the water inlet valve begins to malfunction, chunks of ice develop at the evaporator and cause the machine to freeze up. Another cause of an ice machine not creating ice is a high ambient temperature surrounding the machine or source water that is too warm. Most ice machines stop creating ice at about 95 degrees Fahrenheit.